Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unprofessional Photo Session

It's time for my little boy to register for primary 1 this year.
He was born in year 2004.
He really had grown so much.
When first born, he was only 3kg plus and now already reach 20kg plus!
And he's only 4 yrs & 4mths old. Man...huge right.
I can't carry him for more than 5 mins now.
Yesterday morning I bring him to take photo for registration purposes,
but the refuse. And I was really upset.
So, I decide to DIY in the afternoon after he back from kindergarden.
My boy was really cheeky, can't even stand still.
Here are some rejected pics.




cync said...

kekeke, ur litle boy really very cute!! reminds me of my bros when they are still kiddo! Cheers and have a nice day xD

My @ddictions said...

Hi cync,

Thanks for visiting my humble blog.
You have a nice day too..