Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Babies...[Update]

Recently I tried out this new hobby - flower planting...

Seeing a lot of people likes beautiful flower, me too.
And I do enjoy and would be very much proud if it's grow my own rite...

So, without hesitation I head to Ng Sian Hap at Piasau to buy some
flower seeds - RM2-4 per pack, I bought 3 packet
pot - small size RM0.60 each

and organic soil - RM5.00 per packet.

This is a dead pot!! I plant it on 17/02/2009, until today nothing happen.
The grass take advantage and grow in it :(

See nothing, just grass :((

Ah....this was planted on 28/02/2009
Can see all the little seeds...'hatch' ?! ha ha
So happy...

Up close ^.^

Third pot....also growing healthily....

Up close of third pot...

Stay tune, will post more updates soon...



This is Zinnia

As for Portulaca, it didn't grow and bloom. It died....:(
Anyway at least I still got Zinnia...
Only those transfered to ground did grow & bloom, as those in pots,
too crowded I think, they didn't make it..
em...another lesson learned!



Somebody said...

the last photo looks like taugeh coming out instead of some kind of flower..=P

anyway, happy gardening!

Anonymous said...

eh wat happened to yr flowers? no update lerr. sudah grow or bloom ka?
i love flowers too but dont seem to have time liaw nowdays.. have to make sure my baby `grow' well instead.. haha A.K

Anonymous said...

hi, haha the plast pics, yr flower do grow but seems like tidak cukup air, kering saja the environment..haha
anyway.. we better buy the fresh flowers fr shop la and save our time earn more money..haha