Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Luncheon Meat Pau

Nak satu?? hehe...
Sorry I finish it just now.....

I had some left over pau flour, so early this morning I've decide to make
some pau for my family for breakfast.
The reason I choose luncheon meat as the filling was I don't have other fillings available so the fastest way is using canned luncheon meat he hehe...

Here's the recipe:

Basic Pau Ingredients:

500 gm pau flour
1 packet of mauri pan brand yeast (approx 10 gm+-)
100 gm castor sugar
50 gm crisco/shortening
230 gm/ml water

Pour all ingredients into bread maker and used mode 11 and let it knead for 20 minutes.
Take out and divide into 35 gm each and cover with clean cloth and let it sit for 10 minutes
Roll out each dough flat and wrap in filling.
Cover with a cloth and let it proof for another 15 minutes.
Steam in rolling water for 15 minutes.


RM5.00 minced pork
1 stalk spring chinese leak
light soya sauce
salt to taste
a little corn flour

Mix all together and set aside.

This recipe was given by my dear sister to me.
*Thank you*


i e R said...

hello jie jie, how have u been doing? remember me?

My @ddictions said...

Hi Eddie,

Of cos I remember you. Eventho you had 'grown' so much....ke ke ke

Thanks for droppin by and do visit my blog when you're free.