Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever get a message, to 'date' you on
what time and what date,
but in the end,
on the actual date and time,
the person who made the 'date'
did not show up,
or call,
or msn,
or sms.....???

I was
maybe you forget,
maybe you are busy,

I was like thinking,
maybe it was just my 一厢情愿。

But we'd known each other for so long,
and yet...I'm speechless,

But I was upset.
REALLY upset.
I cancel all my appointment,
just for you.
And you do this to me...

This is not the first time.
Many many times already.

I really hope that,
next time,
when you don't mean it,
don't ever say it out,

This just makes me think,
I'm not important to

And I hate it!!


Anonymous said...

hi dear, wahhh i hope its not me oooohhh.. A.K

My @ddictions said...

Dear AK

No... It's not u la...hhah
Well it's just a small matter when I looked back...

Maybe that day my mood was really bad and I need someone to comfort me, and yet this person give me 'Aeroplane'...

Should not have let my feelings controlled over my mind....:(

Anonymous said...

haha PMS time ehhh..haha ya i know wat u mean.. tats y, when mara time its better to stay away and try not to sukati cakap, coz the next day,sure we ok liaw and regret for cincai kong uwa ..haha