Friday, December 5, 2008

Zheng Hung's 4th Birthday Celebration @ 快可利

We celebrate Zheng Hung's Birthday @ 快可利 on 16/11/2008
This was a belated celebration actually. We intend to celebrate on the actual date,
but due to I'm not feeling well, so we postpone to 16/11/2008.
It's situated at Taman Yakin Commercial Centre. We went there for shabu shabu.
We invited my parents, sister and close friends to celebrate Zheng Hung's B

Here some of the photos taken on that day...

Posing with Didi.
Present from Auntie Yen (Books) & Mum & Dad (Lego Set)

Zheng Yi posing with Amy

Posing with Godmum - Doreen Kii
(This boy really like to make funny faces)

Lovely couple - Auntie Yen & Uncle Kong

Taking picture with Po Po.

Playing with 'transformer' gift by Shawn Pui.
TQ, love it...

I baked a Cheese Cake for that day celebration.
He loves it.

See! Can't wait to taste the cake...ha ha

Zheng Yi with Shawn...posing (Twosome...he he)

Threesome....he he
Hang on...there's more to come...

Showing off their cheeky face..ha ha

Da Yee, Shawn,Yee Chong, Samson & Kiu Kiu

I requested Zheng Hung to pose in front of his presents, but he reject it at first.
This shoot was taken by daddy after several persuade.

See his 'buay song' de face...!

May you grown up to be a well mannered person,
kind heart, and wise person.

Love you.!!


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