Monday, October 20, 2008

Naughty ZY Hurt His Chin

It's a fine afternoon, after breakfast and do some shopping
we went to visit DL's sister cos she just gave birth to a beautiful little girl.
As usual, my naughty kids jump here and there on Gu Gu;s sofa. Me and DL would be chasing and them. After we finish taking our lunch, Mee Sua, we continue watching the Meteor Series, when suddenly ZY fell down and his chin hit on the table!! I was so shock and tears was running down my cheeks.
I hurried to hold him and blood was seen on his
His chin's skin breaks about 1cm length and 2-3mm deep.
I was so worri
ed and we headed to Columbia Asia straight away. Blaming ZH for causing his brother fall down Now a days, the medication was so advance,
they only use a glue
super glue to close up the wound and
not using stitch anymore for minor wound.
ZY sure is a good boy, he did not cry or anything when the doc apply the glue. Here some photo of this naughty boy of mi


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