Monday, September 29, 2008

@ Visit To The Miri Crocodile Farm

Sunday, as promised, We bring our children to The Miri Crocodile Farm + Mini Zoo. Luckily it was a 'clear day' - not too hot & raining. Actually we promised to bring the kids to the farm the week earlier, and not last week, due to raining so we have to postpone to last week, nevertheless they enjoy the trip very much. This is the site you can visit to get more information. Do you believe me & DL had never been to this crocodile farm before until today....ha ha ha The most exciting part of the visit was crocodile feeding (only on Sunday & public holidays) Do enjoy some of the photo taken from our visit...

The entrance...

You will be given a tag after you pay for the entrance fee RM10 for adult

Some display & info about the crocs before you enter to see the crocs & other animals


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Anonymous said...

The Ostrich, is actually a Cassowary Bird Or A Southern Cassowary Bird.

Google it.