Monday, September 22, 2008

@ddicted to Online Shopping

Today I'm not going to blog about food. Sorry ...
I'm going to blog about online shopping.

Well there's a lot of website to choose and once you google for online shopping there will be hundreds or maybe thousand of pages for your to see.
Trust me you can't finish it in a day, maybe weeks.
I came across this particular online shop through an online forum. And this particular member happen to be the owner of this shop. It's a shop selling goodies for your baby & kids. (Even you don't have kids you still can shop with them.
Why you may asked?

B'cos they don't just sell item for kids, even grown up person like me will loved to hang on to their website. It's pink in color, very sweet, and everything is listed coordinately)

They have hundreds of listed item from kids stuff to even bedsheets, story books, cute hair clips and beef jerky! (Opps! Food! ha ha)

Now does this interest you?

They also selling Envirosax & Rume bags. What is this??

Well, for your information you can't get it in our local store. Its an environmental friendly

carrier for you to bring along when you go out shopping. It has a lot of design and pattern for you to choose and it can be rolled into a compact size for you to keep when not in use.
For those who's
interested to know more, please visit this site.
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