Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day 2008

Wishing all the Fathers out there

"Happy Father's Day"

My father passed away when I was young.
I never remember how he looks like.
I only saw his photo. From what I saw, he's sure handsome :)
When I was in primary school, I always asked myself
why did he left us?
Well, what to do, it's an accident.
"Dad, I know you don't mean to left us..."
Happy Father's Day.


angie said...

reading tis blog makes me sad coz next year i will be like u, celebrating Father's Day without my Dad..i miss him liaw.. :(

such a beatiful cake..

My @ddictions... said...

Don't be sad, at least you had many many happy moments with him.
And I believe he wouldn't want you to be sad too...cheers