Thursday, June 5, 2008

@ddicted to Pak Tong Gou

Pak Tong Gou aka White Sugar Sponge
Recipe adapted from Florence-Do What I Like's Blog

Ingredients A:

170 gm Sieved rice flour
130 gm - 150 gm caster sugar
360 ml water

Ingredients B:

3/4 tsp Instant yeast
1 tbsp warm water

  1. Mix B & leave aside for 10 minutes for use later.
  2. Mix A together well & cook over slow heat stirring all the time till a little thicken (this process should not be more than 5 minutes otherwise the mixture will have sago pearls forming).
  3. Sieve this mixture into a big mixing bowl & cooled it in a basin of water.
  4. Mix 1 & 2 together & blend well.
  5. Cover mixture with glad wrap & prove in a warm place for 1 - 2 hours. When mixture show signs of bubbles all over the surface then it is ready for steaming.
  6. Pour the ready batter into a 19.5cm x 19.5cm greased pan & steam on high heat for 20-25 minutes.
  7. Cut into serving pieces when cool.

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